Sander ... Apples painted with the sun :)

Sander - jabłka

The first so beautiful apple in this year's orchard 
Sander is first of all the regularity of yielding, size 70-80 mm, unique color of apples, 2/3 stage harvest, and no falling apples before harvesting!

The first such beautiful apple chosen by buyers  
Sander this apples with an unforgettable fruit color and flavor. Its unique aroma bouquet and striped carmine yellow color of the peel remains in the minds of buyers for a long time!

Flowering and yielding

In the 2020 season, the Sander variety was blooming very intensively (April 29-30), and the spring frosts did not cause any major damage to the buds and flowers. The first apples could be harvested from August 17. Harvesting had been carried out in two stages, with an interval of 7 days.

Good nurseries in Poland

In the 2020/2021 season, trees of the 'Sander' variety will be available in several fruit tree nurseries. Detailed information about the availability of trees of this variety can be found on the nursery's website ...

Cuttings of 'Sander' variety

Nurseries interested in the production of 'Sander' variety trees, please contact AJAPPLE. We would also like to inform you that the number of available cuttings of the 'Sander' variety is limited ...

The quality of apple trees

In order to ensure the highest quality of apple trees of the 'Sander' variety, the produced nursery material meets the same standards for the number of branches, trunk thickness and health ...

Protection of the variety right

Sander is legally protected on the territory of Poland (COBORU decision) and is protected by the Community exclusive variety right (CPVO decision). Legal protection for this variety expires on 31 December 2047 and is effective throughout the EU.